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UK schools have traditionally focused on studying the three main European languages of French, Spanish and German. Now, with China’s increasing importance on the world's stage, interest in learning Mandarin Chinese is increasing. The ability to engage with China will provide greater opportunities for UK business and employment in the future. Learning the language takes longer than traditional languages, and an early start is a valuable asset.

At Church Hill Mandarin we offer a wide range of Mandarin Chinese language courses for primary school children. Our native-speaking tutors are experienced in teaching all levels, from complete beginners through to GCSE and A-level. Our classes are specifically designed to make learning fun and interesting, exploring the language and culture with practical and written work. The courses are aimed at non native-speaking children.

We offer a complete beginners foundation course and on successful completion, children can progress through Levels 1 to 6. From Level 6, pupils can work towards GCSE level.

The School is based at Brunswick Park Primary School, Osidge Lane, Southgate, London N14 5DU.

A new term is starting soon

Call 07956 215 091 to register your interest and to arrange to attend our Saturday morning class to see what goes on. We look forward to seeing you!

We are recruiting

We are constantly looking for energetic-creative candidates to teach in our school on Saturday mornings and in different locations in London.

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"I have taught mandarin from primary to

A-level for over seventeen years. I know that children thrive in an environment they enjoy.

Our school ethos is to make lessons enjoyable

and engaging, by using creative and practical techniques. Learning should be fun!"

Li Hong Man, Headteacher


Zoom Room!

At Church Hill Mandarin we have embraced all that modern technology has to offer.

When it comes to being able
to teach our classes remotely we are working hard to make the teaching experience as effective as possible.

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