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Our teachers provide tailored lessons based on the learning needs and individual abilities of pupils in their class. Pupils will develop their competence in skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in mandarin, and on reaching the appropriate level, each student will be individually assessed and have the opportunity to take an internationally recognised qualification called 'YCT'. (youth learner test). YCT has four levels which will give them a solid foundation and prepare them for their Mandarin GCSE.

A combination of western and eastern teaching methods are used to make learning fun and interesting. Classes include a variety of activities such as chinese calligraphy, storytelling, role play and learning about seasonal Chinese festivals and customs. Pupils will use various books to assist their studies. 

Foundation Mandarin class

Pupils will learn the basics that relate to daily life through singing, storytelling and acting. By completion of the foundation class, pupils aim to be able to sing some Chinese songs, read out chinese poems, write character strokes and some simple characters.

Level 1

Pupils will learn the topics of self and family. At this level, pupils start to read short passages associated with these topics. At the end of the academic year, pupils aim to be able to talk about themselves and their family, and to write some key vocabulary and some basic sentences in Mandarin characters.

Level 2

Pupils will build on their knowledge acquired at level 1, to then be able to describe and compare the topics of family and friends. Pupils will start to use complex sentence structures in both spoken and written work, and increase their basic vocabulary. By completing this level, students attain basic communication skills and knowledge and understanding of some of the cultural differences between China and the UK.   

Level 3

The topics for Level 3 are school and free time. At this level, pupils learn to express opinion and provide reasoning. Pupils will learn more complex sentence structures and at the end of the academic year, aim to be able to hold a reasonable conversation based on the topics, and also write between 50-80 chinese characters in a letter or email. Pupils continue to expand their cultural awareness of Chinese customs.

Level 4

Pupils continue with the wider topic exploring the surroundings which includes local area, fashion and relationships. By completing this level, pupils aim to be able to write an essay of 80-120 characters based on the topic and use the knowledge they have built up to expand their conversational skills.

Level 5

Pupils will learn the topic of media and technology. This includes discussing the advantages and disadvantages of using the internet and other technology in daily life. By the end of this level, pupils should able to talk about past events, express opinions with more complex sentence structures and write up to 150 characters relating to the topic. 

Level 6

By level 6, pupils have the abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing, having acquired solid foundation skills of the language. Extending their previous knowledge learning topics including travel and famous people. By the completion of this level students will have the capability to start the Chinese GCSE course.

GCSE class

Pupils at GCSE level will revise and extend all the topics covered in the past 6 levels. Students are prepared for the examination on an individual basis and given extra support where needed to achieve their highest grades.

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