Church Hill Mandarin School

As part of the curriculum, the children create their own individual presentations using the language skills they have learnt during class. The pupils regularly practice chinese calligraphy and writing, and participate in creative activities.

What our pupils say...

I learned a lot with Li like food, sports and the seasons. I like how she teaches and the games we play are brilliant - Gabi

I like Chinese school because I like to play games in mandarin and win prizes. I think it's really fun. Li is a very good teacher because she helps me to learn a lot of mandarin - Alp

Li is a wonderful teacher she encourages me and all of her other students. I love being her student - Angelia

I learn a lot at Chinese school because Li is a really good teacher. We play games which is really fun and I always learn something new in every lesson - Hugo

I love Mandarin school because it's fun and we learn a lot of different subjects. I also like the Chinese painting, crafts and calligraphy - Sammy

I love mandarin school, the teacher is so caring and kind and that's why I love Mandarin - Ariana

What the parents say...

Ariana started learning Mandarin as an hour long after school club at her school. Ariana enjoyed the sessions so much that she started attending the Saturday school that covers grammar, reading and writing. Ariana is in year 4 at school now but intends to continue with Mandarin as she thoroughly enjoys the classes and thinks the lessons are a lot of fun! - Neda

Many thanks Li!!. Wonderful videos. We are really proud of Gabi's progress. Many thanks again for your great work. (After viewing children's films) - Susana

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication Li. It was wonderful to see all the kids and your hard work in such a fun and relevant way. (After viewing children's films) - Christina

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